Inside The Journey to Thelio

Explore the open-source content and story behind the interactive adventure for System76 by the creative team at Freehive.


Aside from trademarks, the works of art on this page are made available by System76 under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Attribution should be to System76 Inc.


The Journey to Thelio was created in about 3 months time by Freehive, a creative agency powered by free and open-source software. The team on this project included:

  • Ryan Gorley - Direction, Web Design, Video Editing, Story
  • Alexius Lima - Concept Art, Illustration, 3D Modeling
  • Brian Ericson - Game Development, 3D Modeling
  • Chander Ruzzi - Animation, Visual Effects, 3D Modeling
  • Rebecca Gardner - Story
  • Manjit Karve - Web Development
  • Kevin Jackson - Music, Voice Acting

This project built upon the prior narratives and the close creative support of members of the System76 team, including:

  • Kate Hazen  - Creative Manager
  • Louisa Bisio - VP Marketing
  • Ann Flynn-Terrell - Maven of Production


This interactive adventure was created primarily using free and open-source software to demonstrate their professional capabilities. These tools including:

Coming Soon

Content will be added to this page as the journey unfolds. Stay tuned!